Breast Reduction Surgery in Mumbai

You can think about breast reduction surgery if your breasts are larger and heavier than average and disproportionate to the rest of your body causing neck, back, shoulder pain other symptoms.

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Are you searching for breast reduction surgery?

It will be best if you can have the surgery under the guidance of a board-certified Plastic Surgeon.

If you are from Mumbai and the surrounding area, visit Dr Leena Jain, for your breast reduction surgery.


Let us begin with an overview of breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction surgery includes removing extra breast tissue, fat, and skin from the breasts. You can think about breast reduction surgery if your breasts are larger and heavier than average and disproportionate to the rest of your body causing neck, back, shoulder other symptoms.


Any woman who has had her breasts reduced is delighted with the outcome as it gives the woman a new outlook altogether, builds up her self confidence and makes her feels younger, fitter and more attractive. Since this is an extensive procedure, you should know the advantages, risks, and rehabilitation requirements.


You must speak with the surgeon before the operation to discuss your medical records and whether you have had a tumour removed from your breast or any other medical problems that concern your breasts. Your physician will also inquire about the medical records of your family.


The surgeon will take photographs of your breasts, take measurements and discuss with you how much breast tissue would be possible to be removed to obtain the desired result.


Procedure for breast reduction surgery

This a daycare surgery or one night stay may be required. It's done under general anaesthesia.

Depending on the shape and size of your breasts, the amount of tissue you want to remove, and how you want to look after surgery, your surgeon can use one of the following three surgical methods:



It is a procedure that removes fat from the body. Your surgeon will make tiny cuts in your skin and put a thin tube into your breast. This thin tube is attached to a vacuum that sucks fat and fluids out. The procedure is best suitable for Minor reductions.



For moderate breast reductions and apparent sagging, the vertical or “lollipop” approach is convenient. Cuts will be made around the areola and down to the crease under your breast, from where the surgeon will remove excess tissue and fat, reshape the breast, and help it lift. 


This approach is most commonly used as it gives a beautiful definition to the breasts, tailors the stretched areola, has minimal scars and gives a lift.


Inverted-T or anchor: 

In this method, the surgeon will make cuts along the side of the areola, from the areola to the breast crease, and around the crease beneath the breast in an inverted-T or “anchor” pattern. This procedure is better for very large breasts.


Breast Reduction Incisions


Your surgeon may place drainage tubes in your breasts before stitching them up and wrapping them in a special gauze. You may need to wear a surgical bra as well after the surgery Drains are removed after 2-3 days usually. Waterproof dressings allow you to take shower the day after the surgery itself.


Recovery from Breast Reduction Surgery

After the surgery, patients are quite comfortable going about their work independently. Most sutures used are absorbable. Only those around the areola need to be removed after a week usually.


You will need to avoid physical exercise for at least 4-6 weeks after surgery to prevent scar stretching.


Risks and Complications of Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery results in scarring, which is a common side effect. These scars will heal with time, but they will never entirely disappear. However, over 8-10 months they fade significantly.


Other issues may include:

  • Short-term or long-term loss/ alteration of sensations of the breasts or nipples
  • Bleeding
  • Bruising and swelling


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is breast reduction surgery a lengthy procedure?

A plastic surgeon can take two to four hours to perform breast reduction surgery. However, the right estimate is best suggested by your plastic surgeon depending upon the size of your breasts and the expected final outcome. 


  • What are the risks associated with breast reduction surgery?

Usually, breast reduction surgery is very safe however like all other surgeries, there are certain risks associated with it such as infections, breast reduction scars, loss of nipple sensation, and so on.  The scars will be red initially but will fade with time. 


  • Is there any age limit for performing a breast reduction surgery?

No, it is advisable to perform a breast reduction surgery after the breasts have fully developed.


  • Can the patient wear a normal bra after the breast reduction surgery?

Yes, the patient can wear a normal bra as per the shape and size of the new breasts but only after the swelling subsides completely, which can take up to three months. 


  • Are the results of a breast reduction surgery permanent?

Yes, they can be permanent or long-lasting.  Also, it is possible that the breasts can increase in size or shape on account of pregnancy or changes in weight.  If the patient stays healthy and maintains a normal weight, the results of breast reduction can last longer. 

Relevant Questions

Q. Doctor I had a query, How to find out if I really need a breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a subjective desire. If a girl/woman feels her breasts are small then she can opt for an augmentation or implant surgery to increase the volume of her breasts. Hope this answer helps you!

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Q. Hello Dr, I am Soumil. I want to know what foods should I avoid before going plastic surgery? can you please suggest me??

Avoid high-fibre foods of any kind within 24 hours of any surgical operation involving anaesthesia, including fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and whole grains. You should avoid eating fish or taking fish oil or omega-3 supplements for the two weeks coming up to surgery. For more information, you can book an appointment with Dr Leena Jain. 

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Q. Hello. I am a 43-year-old woman. I have no pains, but I want to have breast reduction surgery for aesthetic purposes, improve my posture, and work out better. I am presently overweight, and my large breasts cause a lot of discomfort when I do active cardio exercises. Could you please advice?

Hello. Heavy breasts do cause a lot of back, neck and shoulder pain. The heaviness they cause on the chest causes breathlessness. Also, people start slouching due to the weight of breasts.

You can consider breast reduction surgery as it gives an immediate relief from all the above physical symptoms, improving your confidence and making you feel light.

For appointments kindly call or message on 9820991853/ 9137767350

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Q. Hello, I am a 33 year old female and looking for cosmetic surgeons who have expertise in fat grafting and wondering if that's one of the services you offer. The concerned area is my under eyes. I have hollow eyes. Thank You.

 Fat grafting, we do it regularly for breasts and for Scars. We can do it for hollow eyes also. Please call 9137767350 for appointments.

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Q. Hello dr, will plastic surgery led to any problems in the future? I am worried about it.

No dear, it is like any other surgery. It involves all the steps and similarly also the risks involved in any other surgery. It is a common concern that plastic surgery especially poses problems in future, it’s not true.

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