Rhinoplasty Surgery: The ideal solution to get rid of your nasal hump

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure performed to reshape and correct the contours of the nose as per the patient's face and expectations. Read on to view the full details.

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Are you troubled by your extremely noticeable dorsal or nasal hump? 

Does it make you extremely self-conscious? 

Then, it would be best if you gave serious thought to getting it removed through rhinoplasty.

Dr. Leena Jain, one of the best Microsurgeon and Hand surgeons in Mumbai shares insights on nasal hump and how to remove it. 


We all know that the nose, shape, and angle give a definite shape to the face. For example, your nasal hump or the dorsal hump is a hump on the bridge of the nose. 


The upper third section of the bridge nose is bone while the lower two-third section is the cartilage. First, the plastic surgeon decides on the extent of bone and cartilage to be removed. Then, the excess bone or cartilage is either trimmed or shaved to give it the desired shape. 


The dorsal hump could be by birth or due to trauma. A very prominent nasal hump can reduce the appealing quotient of the face. Hence, it is essential to reshape it to look good and attractive once again. 


Dr Leena Jain, a Plastic Surgeon in Mumbai performs Rhinoplasty procedures. Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure performed to reshape and correct the contours of the nose as per the patient's face and expectations. Initially, meeting a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon is important. 


After evaluating the nose and the hump's size, the surgeon will explain the procedure and give a fair idea of what to expect after the rhinoplasty procedure. The surgeon suggests removing, trimming, filling, or breaking the cartilage or the causative bone to improve its look. 


Since the nose is one of the most important sense organs, care has to be taken not to disturb or harm the internal structure of the nose, especially the septum. If required, the plastic surgeon designs a special graft to prevent the collapse of the passage that divides the nostrils. 


Reduction rhinoplasty is a special rhinoplasty procedure performed to resolve nasal hump issues. In this procedure, the plastic surgeon removes the excess tissues and reshapes the nose as per the patient's face and expectations. It is a complex surgery and requires a great deal of expertise and experience.


The plastic surgeon needs to modify the region when giving it a definite shape across its three-dimensional space, which makes it relatively challenging that too, without compromising on the functionality of the nose. 


At the request of the patients, the plastic surgeon can create a smooth bridge. In addition, it is possible to create a supra-tip break pointing upwards can for a feminine look.


Recovery after the rhinoplasty

Post the rhinoplasty procedure; the patient experiences mild discomfort. There is no persistent strain on the nose as it is not directly involved in most physical activities such as sitting, walking, etc. It is normal to expect that the patient to move gradually and carefully after the procedure. 


During the recovery period, the patient need not wear spectacles or glasses or any other accessory resting on the nose bridge. However, it is essential to wear the nasal cast until further instructions. 


People recover faster from the rhinoplasty procedure than other cosmetic procedures performed on the larger organs of the body. 


Results of a Reduction Rhinoplasty

Before the reduction rhinoplasty surgery, the plastic surgeon will discuss thoroughly and share the new shape of the nose after the surgery however, amongst other factors that determine the outcome of the nose job, including the skin and its thickness. 

The patient can view the results of the procedure once the dressing is removed. However, the exact results are viewed after the swelling has subsided and new skin grows on the surgical site. 


Anyone above the age of 18 years can go ahead with rhinoplasty surgery. Also, the results of the surgery are nearly permanent.


A word of caution, most patients ask for a look-alike nose of their preferred celebrity which could not be advisable as it is necessary to have one's image and identity, keeping in mind the inherent facial features and structures


As one of the most famous hand surgeons in Mumbai, Dr Leena Jain is an expert in rhinoplasty procedures. She has performed many rhinoplasty procedures successfully while her patients are highly satisfied with the new look of the nose. 



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