Post Traumatic Reconstruction Surgery in Mumbai

Dr Leena Jain, a leading Plastic Surgeon in Mumbai, performs Post Traumatic Reconstruction Surgery. She is an expert plastic surgeon who has successfully performed all types of reconstruction surgery. Moreover, she is an accomplished hand reconstruction surgeon too. 

Trauma can happen at any moment, and in most cases, it is accidental. What is more important is receiving the best possible post-trauma and trauma reconstruction treatment under expert medical supervision. 


Which injury is termed as trauma injury?

Deep abrasions, tears of the fat layers and skin, lacerations are considered sharp and blunt trauma. Muscle injury includes injuries to the soft tissue and damage to the blood vessels, tendons and nerves. 


These injuries are visible externally. But it is essential to assess the damage extent and the severity of these injuries through a thorough medical examination. 


Repair and Reconstruction of trauma injuries

Since the human body is a composition of bones, muscles, and skin, the person could likely suffer from extremity injuries, burns, complex wounds, facial trauma, craniofacial deformities, orthopaedic injuries, etc.


Patients with trauma injury should reach out to a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in reconstructive surgery. The focus of the surgery is to restore the function and the appearance of the affected body part due to illness or accidents and make it look similar and perform normally. 


The trauma reconstruction and recovery protocol depend on the type of trauma experienced by the patient and its location. Reconstruction surgeries undertaken include Scar revision, Hand surgery, Maxillofacial surgery and Laceration repair, to mention a few of them. 


Regarding facial injuries and disfigurement, the plastic surgeon may recommend Post-traumatic facial Reconstruction to improve the facial appearance. Nearly all post-traumatic facial Reconstruction uses stitches to repair the soft tissues. 


Also, multiple microsurgery procedures repair and restore facial nerves, salivary glands, and ducts. In addition, equal attention is paid to repairing and correcting the Soft tissue asymmetry, misalignment, or deficiency. If there are fractures of the facial bone, they are repaired through plate-and-screw fixation procedures, which help to stabilize the bone structure. 


Dr Leena Jain is the best Microsurgeon and Hand surgeon in Mumbai who has successfully performed many post-traumatic reconstruction surgeries. 

Recovering from Post-traumatic Reconstruction surgery

Post-traumatic reconstruction surgery is performed under anaesthesia and takes anywhere between four to twelve hours to complete. The nerves, blood vessels, bones, tissues in the affected part are cut and moved for reconstruction purposes. In case, the patient requires bone and/or skin grafts from the other parts of the body that too may be done simultaneously. 

Recovery and Rehabilitation 

Trauma Repair is a slow and lengthy process. Apart from the initial emergency treatment, recovering from trauma requires staged treatment plans that involve emergency treatment, multiple surgeries and physical therapy. 


Certain surgeries are scheduled after the condition of the patient stabilizes. At times, there are amputations, burns, lacerations and other serious injuries involved that require primary healing before taking up the reconstruction surgeries.   


The nature of the injury determines how many surgeries and when they can be performed. For instance, burns and amputations require multiple surgeries before they can return to normal appearances and function.


In case of complex defects, the plastic surgeon may schedule a couple of procedures such as skin grafts, local tissue rearrangement, free flap microvascular surgery to restore the affected part. 


Special procedures are planned in case of restoring normal skin after they are healed and scarred. Scars indicate the healing and sealing of the wounds by the body. It is a self-healing procedure. But scars can be rough, tight, discoloured, and so on. They are likely to interfere with the functionality of the patient and cause discomfort as well. 


The plastic surgeon recommends surgery for revising the scars, and making the affected part look normal can be undertaken after the healing process is complete. 


Post Traumatic Reconstruction Surgery requires a great deal of planning under the leadership of a qualified and expert board-certified plastic surgeon with the cooperation of the patient and their family. 


Dr Leena Jain is a famous hand surgeon in Mumbai with more than seven years of experience. She is a qualified plastic and Reconstructive Microsurgeon too. 


She has acquired two international fellowships in Microsurgery, which are Fellowship in Microsurgery and Perforator flaps at Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea, and AO Fellowship- Microsurgery and Faciomaxillary Trauma at Ludwigs’ Maximillians University, Munich, Germany in Hand and Microsurgery.


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