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Im soo much thankful for Dr Leena Ma'am... She has genuine care and concern for her patients..Because of her I can use my right hand today, which was completely cut off at elbow,all nerves, muscles,skin were damaged, due to glass cut injury..That was bad patch of my early life.. I lost all my hand functions..but when ma'am did the surgery she told me it will take time a year or more but u vl be back with your right hand..slowly slowly my all hand functions are returned back and I can use my hand for all tasks.. Hatts off to her knowledge, skills and practice .. she treated me very kindly in all follow ups, helped me to come out of depression due to right hand injury..This is like a miracle happened to me.. I will highly recommend her for any sensible, plastic or nerve surgery.. thank you ma'am.. aap jindagi Bhar yaad rahoge..

She treated my elder brother for Diabetic Foot Surgery, an excellent doctor and a good human being. Almighty has given cure in her hands...truly recommended.

Dr Leena is one of the best surgeon I ever met. I went to him for hand surgery. Initially, I was too worried to go for it but she did examine things carefully and gave me the confidence to go for it. She gave me genuine advice and put my mind at ease and I knew I was in good hands. Thanks a lot, dr.

Dr. Leena Jain is an angel in disguise. In September of 2020, my father had to undergo a major operation related to diabetes. It affected almost his entire right leg which in most cases would have required an amputation. But under the guidance of Dr. Jain and many other prominent Doctors, it's been a year almost and, my father is able to walk again. Dr. Jain has the eyes of an eagle. The moment she examined my father's leg, she determined the issue and got straight to work. While it was a grueling process which used to talk three to four hours or sometimes more, she always used to come out with a calm composure and only give us good news. Under her vigilance, trust that we were always hopeful and knew immediately that our family member was under the right hands. Not only this, she also patiently adhered to all our concerns and went out of the way to help us cure our member. Even once my father was discharged till today, we are in touch with her and she still helps us ensure the right precautions are taken. There are very few doctors who are so invested in their patients and Dr. Jain is one of them. We are very grateful to have come across her. :)

I have experienced a very good treatment by Dr, Leena Jain ma'am. Before I met her I thought I can't recover from my health issues regarding hidradenitis suppurative which I was facing last 6 months but after the surgery, I m still going very well with no problems at all. She is very cooperative and humble and does explain everything very nicely.

You are one of the lifesavers in the world. That's only u because I got my hand as it was. Initially, I was hopeless & nervous, but your sympathy, confidence, guidance and motivation makes things different & it's amazing. I have no words to thank you. “You are truly a remarkable doctor and professional that we respect and trust.

I had an accidental scar on my upper lip which got bulged after surgery due to hair follicles trapped in soft tissues. It used to look very ugly on my face and day by day it was growing. At first, I was sceptical about the revision of the scar by the plastic surgeon but when it started getting bigger, I had no choice than revision. I consulted many plastic surgeons in Mumbai's renowned hospitals but all doctors denied revision fearing my keloidal tendency. some gave steroids via injectables and silicone gel sheets for pressing the scar but nothing helped. In the series of consulting best doctors when I came across Dr Leena Jain, she gave me a different perspective of my case with her diagnosis. I was convinced by her suggestions. She got my scar scanned by a radiologist and suggested an 80% revision based on my scar position. She did an hour-long surgery and after 15 days my bulky scar was flat, smooth, stitch-free, infection-free. I felt almost my natural without bulging my upper lip again. Dr Leena's good diagnosis, cosmetic surgery expertise, precise and practical approach made my surgery successful. Thank you, Doctor.

I had been diagnosed by a rare breast cancer (Pagets disease) in May 2021 and had to undergo full mastectomy. I had got her reference for reconstruction. After meeting her I gained my confidence and proceeded with the surgery. She was very professional and explained in detail the surgery. She was proactive in her follow-ups even post-surgery. We are very grateful to meet her and thank her for all the hard work during the very long surgery. I would definitely recommend her for any plastic surgery.

I am thankful for the service and attention. All over experience is very good. I am glad I consulted Dr Leena. thank you for everything you have done for me. You are a wonderful, caring doctor, who always loving and friendly to your patients. Thank you so much to you and your support staff.

Wonderful experience with Dr. Leena Jain, she was a wonderful surgeon, and the staff was always helpful and kind. They ensured I had a smooth prep, surgery, and follow-up. Would highly recommend it to anyone.

I had an wonderful experience with Dr. Leena jain. It gives me immense pleasure to say dat she is best doctor I have ever met . Her polite , humble and positive attitude to the problem gives strength to both the patient and family members to overcome it. My daughter was on 20 month months old when she was operated by Dr. Leena Jain for her right-hand index finger which got burnt by diya on diwali when she was 10 months old. Now my daughter is 3.5 yrs old. Her finger is totally fine, growth is normal, she can write with it. Completely satisfied. .. Thanks a ton mam for brightening my daughters future. .

Dr. Leena Jain did a great job with restoration of my left ankle. I had an accident in Feb 2021 where my ankle had a crush injury with loss of skin and tissue. Leena ma'am did a free flap surgery and skin grafting on the injury. She was very kind & ensured I had a smooth transition throughout the surgeries. From her excellent treatment, curiosity, investigative mind and ability to connect, you know where you stand immediately and what next steps look like. She explained everything about how the surgeries were to take place and ensured we won't panic. Leena ma'am is also keen on taking regular follow-ups post surgery. All in all it was a great experience and I am thankful to Dr. Leena Jain for her contribution.