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Tubular Breasts

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+ Tubular Breasts :

“Tubular breasts” is the result of underdevelopment of breasts at puberty resulting in a droopy appearance with enlarged areola and nipple. It may affect one or both the breasts causing severe asymmetry. Tubular breasts don’t become clear until puberty, when breasts take on their adult shape. Often, insufficient breast tissue develops during puberty. In almost all cases, the ring of tissue that connects the areola to the rest of the breast isn’t shaped the way it needs to be. This leads to a “droopy” appearance.

Treatment: Surgery

+ Tubular breast augmentation surgery :

Anaesthesia: General

Maybe done in one or two stages.

First is essentially to release the constriction ring and unfurl the breast tissue and second is to augment the breasts with expander or implant or fat grafting.

It is usually done through small incisions with one or two days of hospitalization. Recovery time is usually 7-10 dyas.

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