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Dr Leena Jain is a highly passionate and dedicated Plastic Reconstructive Microsurgeon & Hand surgeon in Mumbai (Bandra & Borivali). She offers the surgical solution for her patients based on long-term outcomes and the patients’ profession, allowing them to return to work & live as normal a life as possible. Dr. Leena Jain, a plastic surgeon in Mumbai is an expert in Plastic Surgery with nearly 7+ years of experience.

Dr Leena Jain specializes in  Hand Surgery, Reconstructive microsurgery for tumour and trauma reconstruction, Diabetic ulcer reconstruction,  Burns reconstruction, lymphedema surgery and cosmetic surgeries. She believes that a good Plastic Surgeon needs three ingredients-  artistic vision, meticulous techniques, and expert knowledge.

She understands the importance of being approachable and friendly. She listens to your concerns, answers queries, understands the results you would like to achieve, and gives honest advice regarding the practicality of your expectations. Dr Leena Jain is sincerely committed to patient satisfaction “to reform the ideal beautiful normal”. That’s the main reason why her patients vouch for her as the Plastic Surgeon in Mumbai (Bandra & Borivali).

Curious about the possibilities of plastic surgery? Consult with Dr. Leena Jain for a personalized, transformative experience in Mumbai.

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Thinking about a confidence boost? Explore your options with Dr. Leena Jain’s expertise in plastic surgery.

About Dr. Leena Jain

MBBS, MS – General Surgery, MCh – Plastic Surgery

Plastic and Reconstructive Microsurgeon,

Hand and Cosmetic Surgeon

7+ Years of Experience

Dr. Leena Jain is one of the top plastic surgeons in Mumbai(Bandra & Borivali). In the pursuit of excellence in her desired field of expertise, she has many degrees to her credit. After completing her MBBS from M. S. Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore, Dr Leena Jain pursued her MS – General Surgery from Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences, Bangalore (RGUHS). She then went on to do her MCh – Plastic Surgery from Bangalore Medical College, Bangalore (RGUHS).

She has the privilege of training under the world-renowned microsurgeon, Dr Samir Kumta. Later, Dr Leena Jain did her Fellowship in Microsurgery and Perforator flaps from the prestigious Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea.

Apart from that, she also did AO Fellowship in Microsurgery and Faciomaxillary trauma from the renowned Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, Germany. That’s not all. Dr Leena Jain has several national and international publications to her credit. Furthermore, she has contributed by writing chapters in different textbooks.

Dr. Leena Jain

Ready for a transformative journey with Dr. Leena Jain? Discover a new you through her expert plastic and reconstructive surgeries.

Happy Clients

Sandeep AminSandeep Amin
20:06 14 Nov 23
Hello Dr. Leena - Thank you so much for the great care and surgery for my child. You gave us courage and that confidence during operation and for the caring nature throughout the course. Lastly not to forget about human understanding. Blessed to have such doctors like you. A big thank you from us.
Durva MhatreDurva Mhatre
14:53 01 Sep 23
Very good experience
Niral Dhariwal SabooNiral Dhariwal Saboo
04:56 18 Jun 23
Dr. Leena Jain, comes across as a very calm and very comforting doctor.. it helps the patient ease out on the already on going worry as her positive approach is very comforting and reassuring that's everything is fine.
Raj GautamRaj Gautam
17:39 08 Jun 23
Manoj GautamManoj Gautam
17:19 07 Jun 23
Minnati ZaveriMinnati Zaveri
06:38 20 May 23
I underwent a spinal fusion surgery by Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj and Dr. Leena Jain was in charge of closing up the surgical site as per her expertise in plastic surgery. Not only did she do a fabulous job of suturing the wound, she was also helpful and kind post surgery while assessing & removing the drains along with monitoring wound healing, even two months post surgery. She is knowledgeable, confident of her craft, and is the best choice if you’re looking to consult a plastic surgeon.Bonus: She has an excellent hand; while removing staples/sutures/drains, while changing dressing, the patient feels no pain and that is so important as the patient is at ease during the whole process!
Farzana KanorwalaFarzana Kanorwala
03:42 29 Apr 23
I Farzana, am delighted to provide a review of Dr. Leena Jain's surgical expertise in performing a successful breast reduction surgery.From the initial consultation to the post-surgery follow-up, Dr. Jain demonstrated exceptional professionalism and attentiveness. She took the time to understand my concerns and expectations, explained the procedure in detail, and answered all her questions patiently. She also took the necessary precautions to ensure my safety during the surgery and post-operative recovery.The surgery itself was performed with great skill and precision, resulting in a significant reduction in the size of my breasts, which was exactly what she had hoped for. The recovery process was also seamless, with Dr. Jain providing clear instructions on post-operative care and checking in with me regularly to monitor her progress.Overall, I cannot recommend Dr. Leena Jain highly enough for her expertise in breast reduction surgery. Her professionalism, expertise, and dedication to patient care made the entire experience a positive one for me and I have no doubt that she would provide the same level of care to any patient in need of this type of procedure.Sincerely,
Shamji BabaniyaShamji Babaniya
09:10 05 Apr 23
Dr. Leena Jain is really an expert! Explained the need of surgery for my wife for her scar that had trouble healing. She is very experienced and answered our all queries and doubts related to surgery. She is also very polite and gentle in behaviour. Understands her patients well!
Taniya HaiderTaniya Haider
14:53 07 Jan 23
I had an accident in December 2017 where the apartment I was living in caught fire due to a short circuit, and I suffered 40% burns, resulting in numerous contractures and scars. Because of that I had multiple contracture release surgeries under the care of several plastic surgeons, but by far she is the best doctor I've ever met. She calmly addressed all of my questions and those of my father, who was very apprehensive and had many questions about the process. She's a very competent, polite, kind and caring doctor.I was hesitant to have my neck contracture released after my past experience at Apollo Hospital, but under Dr. Leena Jain's care, everything went well. My surgery was seamless, recovery was speedy and I'm very satisfied with the results. I'm very grateful to her.

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Do I need an appointment to consult Dr. Leena Jain?

Yes, it would be preferable if you have an appointment. You can easily take one by filling the contact us form on our website, and we will contact you. You can also call us on +91 9820991853 or mail us at

What is microsurgery?

Microsurgery is an expertise that uses advanced diploscopes and highly special precision tools along with many operating techniques with magnification to perform surgery. Microsurgery allows the movement of tissue from one body location to the other, where donor tissue is required. Mircrosurgery enables operation and connection of blood vessels through the use of microscope.

What is the scope of microsurgery?

The scope of microsurgery includes breast reconstruction, breast augmentation, facial reanimation, lymphedema, head and neck reconstruction, limb reconstruction, and trunk reconstruction. These microsurgeries help in improving the physical health of the patient and regain their confidence of living.

What are the advantages of hand microsurgery?

Hand microsurgery experience better use of their hands. They experience better grip strength and finger movement. The appearance and the sensation of their hands improve a great deal. 

How beneficial is a Lymphedema Surgery?

The main benefits of lymphedema surgery are reduced tightness and heaviness in the limbs. The patient feels relieved emotionally and physically.  It is possible that the volume and the circumference of the swelling reduce greatly. 

Will I have to stay in hospital after a tummy tuck?

Yes, after a tummy tuck, you will have to stay in the hospital. The total number of days will depend on the type of tummy tuck you underwent and your general health.

Does Dr. Leena Jain treat cleft lip?

Dr. Leena Jain is an expert in reconstructive plastic surgery. She does offer treatment for cleft lips.

Does tummy tuck leaves scars?

You will have a fine scar after a tummy tuck, usually located above the pubic area between the hipbones. It becomes less prominent over some time.

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