About Us

Dr. Leena Jain is a Hand, Reconstructive Microsurgeon and Plastic Surgeon, having experience of 7+ years.

Having completed her Superspeciality post-graduation from Bangalore Medical College, she has been mentored by Dr. Samir Kumta, renowned microsurgeon of International fame.


She then pursued two international fellowships in Microsurgery:

  • Fellowship in Microsurgery and Perforator flaps: Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea
  • AO Fellowship- Microsurgery and Faciomaxillary Trauma: Ludwigs’ Maximillians University, Munich, Germany in Hand and Microsurgery.


  • M.S – General Surgery
  • MCh – Plastic Surgery
  • Fellowship in Microsurgery and Perforator flaps- Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea
  • AO Fellowship in Microsurgery and Faciomaxillary trauma- Ludwigs’ Maximillians University Munich, Germany
Dr. Leena Jain

Dr. Leena Jain

Plastic, Reconstructive Microsurgeon and Hand Surgeon

7+ Years Total Experience




Dr Leena Jain is passionate about her work and this makes her very dedicated to her patients and diligent about her surgeries. She provides the best surgical option for her patients keeping in mind the long term results and patients’ occupation so as to facilitate a timely resumption of work and a normal lifestyle.



  1. Reconstructive Microsurgery: Tumors, trauma, burns and congenital conditions
  2. Hand Surgeries include procedures for congenital hand defects, trauma, tumours, burns’ deformities, leprosy, tendon, nerve and vessel injuries, nail complex deformities.
  3. Replantations and revascularizations: for total to near-total amputations of upper or lower limb at various levels
  4. Cancer Reconstruction Surgery
  5. Reconstruction for Orthopaedic trauma- flap cover for compound fractures, tendon repair, reconstructions and transfers, management of small and long bone non-unions and bone gaps.
  6. Breast Surgeries- breast reconstruction post-mastectomy, breast reduction, breast augmentation, implants, gynecomastia, nipple reconstruction.
  7. Facial Nerve Paralysis surgeries: for restoration of symmetry of smile and eyelid closure
  8. Gender reassignment surgeries: female to male and male to female gender change procedure
  9. Surgery for non-functioning (acontractile) bladder: in patients suffering from meningomyelocoel, spina bifida, stroke patients who cannot voluntarily empty their urinary bladders and need timely catheterization.
  10. Burns’ deformity corrective surgeries
  11. Tuboplasty- post tubectomy recanalization
  12. Surgeries for migraine

Area of Specialization

Bladder Reconstruction Surgery

Patients suffering from acontractile bladder are unable to pass urine (void) by themselves at will as the muscle in the bladder fails to contract. When the muscle of the bladder does not contract urine will not flow out of our body through the urinary opening.

Breast Surgery in Mumbai

Breast surgery is an operation that alters the appearance of a woman’s or a man’s breasts. These procedures are carried out for several purposes. Many people prefer to undergo Breast surgery in Mumbai due to the infrastructure and specialized surgeons available.

Tendon Repair Surgery

Tendon repair is surgery done to treat a torn or otherwise damaged tendon. Tendons are cord or band-like tissues that connect muscles to bone. When the muscles contract, the tendons pull the bones and cause the joints to move.Tendon injuries can occur due to accidental trauma or assault. Road traffic accidents, machinery injuries and injuries by glass or knife commonly cause tendon disruptions. Assault is usually by a fight bite on the knuckles.

Limb Reconstruction Surgery

In patients with cancer, limb reconstruction surgery is performed at the same time as surgery to remove the tumor. Surgery may occur before or after a course of chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. Limb reconstruction also is indicated when a fracture has not healed properly or when there is traumatic injury to an extremity.

Diabetic Ulcer Treatment
Diabetic Ulcer Treatment

A diabetic foot ulcer is an open wound or sore found in the bottom of the foot. Apart from a foot injury, issues in the feet such as ingrown toenails, dry skin cuts can lead to a diabetic foot  ulcer and infection. Adiabetic ulcer is preventable provided patients check their feet daily for open injuries/ wounds and keep their sugars under good control.

Lymphedema Treatment

Elephantiasis or lymphedema is essentially characterized by swelling of hands or feet. Elephantiasis occurs following a  mosquito bite wherein the Filaria parasite enters our bloodstream and multiplies and causes filariasis. It occurs in tropical or subtropical areas, such as Africa, India, South America, and Southeast Asia. It used to be quite common in Kerala.