Bladder Reconstruction Surgery in Mumbai

There are more than 250,000 estimated people that are living with spinal injuries in the USA. There are no proper epidemiological studies on spinal injuries in India;

However, conservative estimates suggest the incidence to be around 20 per million with 2500 fresh cases added every year, often as a result of road accidents. A large number of these patients have acontractile bladder and diminished voiding efficiency.

Crux of Problem:

Urination is called nature’s call as to pass urine is a natural process for all humans and animals. The reflexes in our body are so well developed that to pass urine is usually effortless and voluntarily controlled.

When the bladder gets filled with urine, the bladder muscle stretches and we get a sensation of fullness and when we void the bladder muscle contracts and empties out the urine.

Patients suffering from acontractile bladder are unable to pass urine (void) by themselves at will as the muscle in the bladder fails to contract. When the muscle of the bladder does not contract urine will not flow out of our body through the urinary opening.

Treatment options for the management of acontractile bladder are largely limited to life-long intermittent catheterization or an indwelling catheter.

Intermittent catheterization implies self-introduction of a clean catheter is a hygienic manner done at frequent intervals so that the bladder can be emptied of urine.

Problems associated with Acontractile bladder

  • Recurrent urinary tract infection,
  • Urethral trauma and stricture
  • Bladder injury, bladder stones
  • Deteriorating kidney renal function
  • Affecting the patient’s quality of life.


Causes of Acontractile Bladder

  • Multiple causes at any level between the brain and the bladder can lead to acontractile bladder and these include:
  • Deformity by birth
  • acquired infections, inflammatory or autoimmune diseases,
  • Brain or spinal cord injuries

Treatment Options:

There are no medicines that can treat acontractile bladder.


Functioning muscle transfer is a promising surgical option in patients with acontractile/hypocontractile bladder to restore bladder function and improve quality of life.


Why choose Dr Leena Jain for bladder reconstruction surgery?

Dr. Leena Jain performs Bladder Reconstruction Surgery in Mumbai. Bladder reconstruction surgery is performed for acontractile or non-functioning bladder.  

 Patients who cannot voluntarily empty their urinary bladder and are suffering from meningomyelocoel, spina bifida, stroke need to go for bladder reconstruction surgery to resolve this condition. 

 She is an expert Reconstructive Microsurgeon and Plastic Surgeon in Mumbai with nearly 7+ years of experience. She has pursued highly specialized fellowships viz. Fellowship in Microsurgery and Perforator flaps: Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea and AO Fellowship- Microsurgery and Faciomaxillary Trauma: Ludwigs’ Maximillians University, Munich, Germany in Hand and Microsurgery.

 Considered as a famous reconstruction and plastic surgeon in Mumbai, Dr Leena is available for consultation at Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre, Bandra and at her private plastic surgery clinic in Mumbai. 

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