Tendon Repair Surgery Doctor in Mumbai

Tendon repair is surgery done to treat a torn or otherwise damaged tendon. Tendons are cord or band-like tissues that connect muscles to bone. When the muscles contract, the tendons pull the bones and cause the joints to move.

Tendon injuries can occur due to accidental trauma or assault. Road traffic accidents, machinery injuries and injuries by glass or knife commonly cause tendon disruptions. Assault is usually by a fight bite on the knuckles.

Tendons of the hand or foot may be affected. Tendons in the hand are present both in the front and the back of the hand. The front tendons cause the fingers to bend forwards and form a fist while the tendons at the back cause the fingers to straighten.

When tendon damage occurs, movement may be absent or seriously limited. The cut or damaged area may feel weak or painful.


How is tendon repair done?

Generally, during tendon repair a surgeon will:

  • Make one or more small incisions (cuts) in the skin over the damaged area to expose the damaged tendons; all relevant structures are identified and checked to see if they are intact.
  • Tendon ends are identified and repaired to get a full range of movement.
  • Sew the torn ends of the tendon together.

After surgery, a splint is placed to reduce undue movements of fingers and thumb so as to allow adequate tendon healing. 

Aftercare :

Healing may take as long as 6-8 weeks, and another month for strengthening, during which the injured part may be immobilized in a splint or cast. 

To reduce swelling and pain, they should keep the injured limb lifted above the level of the heart as much as possible for the first few days after surgery.

 Gradual exercises are started immediately within the splint and over the next three weeks, various exercises are explained so as to regain full movement.


Why choose Dr. Leena Jain?

Dr. Leena Jain is an expert Hand, Reconstructive Microsurgeon and Plastic Surgeon with 7+ years of experience. She is a super-specialist with two international fellowships in Microsurgery viz. Fellowship in Microsurgery and Perforator flaps: Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea and AO Fellowship- Microsurgery and Faciomaxillary Trauma: Ludwigs’ Maximillians University, Munich, Germany in Hand and Microsurgery.

As mentioned above, Dr. Leena Jain is trained for performing tendon repair. She has successfully performed many tendon repair surgeries. She is well aware of the precautions and complications associated with a tendon repair surgery. She can be trusted to offer a comprehensive tendon repair experience.

Dr. Leena Jain conducts in depth preoperative diagnosis of the injured tendon which is essential for the ensuring the best tendon repair experience.

Dr. Leena Jain ensures that the patient receives the right tendon surgery while minimal postoperative issues including extensive rehabilitation to regain the mobility and functionality of the repaired tendon and joint.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which joints are likely to be affected with tendon surgery?

The joints of ankles, elbows, knees and shoulders are likely to be most affected. They occur mostly to sportspeople when playing.

2. Is it essential to go ahead with a tendon surgery?

Tendon surgery is essential when the injury is unable to heal on its own and does not enable to resume normal activities. The patient complains of pain, discomfort, difficulty in movement, swelling when moving around after initial rounds of medication, rest and physical therapy.

Tendon surgery is essential to treat misaligned and unstable joints which lead to deformity and disability in the patients.

3. How much time it takes to recover from a tendon surgery?

It takes a couple of months to recover completely from the tendon surgery. The repaired area is kept in a cast or splint till it is completely healed. The treating doctor will suggest physical therapy to regain the mobility and strength of the healed joint. 

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