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Patient Review

  • Patient’s Name: AA
  • Patient’s Age: 4
  • Patient’s Gender: female


  • Wrist Amputation

Case Presentation

A 4-year-old girl was playing outside her house when she heard a recorded voice from the elevator calling for the door to be closed. Her right hand got trapped in the door when she attempted to close it. 

The child’s wrist tore offas the lift climbed to the fourth floor. In a 12-hour surgery in the middle of the night, a team of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgeon at Lilavati hospital successfully reattached her wrist.

She had had an unfavourable amputation where all vital structures such as nerves, blood vessels, and muscles were pulled from her wrist separating it from the rest of her forearm.

The surgery was difficult as it required fixing the bone, joining tendons that drive the thumb and fingertips, joining major nerves that bring sensations from the hand and send signals from the brain to the various muscles in the hand and joining major arteries and veins to restore blood flow to the hand.

For the first seven days, the reattached hand was fine, but on the eighth day, it became cold and blue. Doctors were notified right away, and the child was taken back in for surgery. The veins on the back of her hand were discovered to be blocked.

They were seriously injured at the time of the accident, and a clot had formed within them, blocking blood flow. Additional veins from her leg were used to patch the veins once more. She then underwent another major microsurgical procedure, this time transferring muscle from her thigh to her wrist to cover the region of skin and soft tissue loss.

She was then discharged with a healthy right hand and continues to be on regular follow up.

Here is the Newspaper publication of the above case – Midday

Before  and  After

wrist-amputation-before wrist-amputation-after


This feedback is from the patient’s father “We never expected the doctors would be able to reattach the hand. However, she will be able to right with her right hand.”