Dr. Leena Jain explains how breast reconstruction helps to restore confidence after mastectomy

Published on 21st Sep, 23

Dr. Leena Jain, a leading Hand, Reconstructive Microsurgeon and Plastic Surgeon, at Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai while she practices privately at Plastikos Clinic, Borivali, Mumbai, elaborates on how breast reconstruction surgery can give a new lease of life to breast cancer patients. She reassures that patients regain their self-esteem and confidence and can live with renewed vigour.

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Dr Leena Jain’s Tummy Tuck Surgery Services for Postpartum Women helps them get back in shape

Published on 27th Jun, 23

Dr Leena Jain says, ‘Tummy Tuck Surgery helps women to achieve their desired look by tightening the abdominal muscles and removing excess skin and fat.

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Mumbai’s Dr. Leena Jain on the Cutting Edge of Plastic Surgery Techniques for Neck Contracture

Published on 5th Apr, 23

Neck contracture refers to a condition with decreased range of motion and stiffness in the neck due to shortening or tightening of the neck skin, soft tissue, fascia and muscles. Plastic surgery for neck contractures release the scar, restores full range of neck movements and prevents recurrence of contracture.

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Dr. Leena Jain on how plastic surgery offers reliable treatment to resolve Diabetes-Related Foot Conditions

Published on 16th Dec, 22

Uncontrolled diabetes, the poor blood supply to the lower limbs, and poor sensation in the foot are the three main causes of diabetic foot conditions, including ulcers. Dr. Leena Jain, one of Mumbai's leading Hand, Reconstructive Microsurgeon, and Plastic Surgeon, states, 'We focus on future foot function while streamlining the wound healing procedure.

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Dr Leena Jain elaborates on what patients should expect from a tendon repair surgery!

Published on 27th Oct, 22

Tendon injuries are injuries to tendons or cables the muscles that link muscles and bones and control their movement. A tendon injury is painful and destabilizes normal functioning of the patient accompanied with pain and discomfort. Hence, a tendon repair is a must to relieve pain and restore the functionality of the joint.

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Dr Leena Jain explains Limb Reconstruction Surgery

Published on 26th Sep, 22

Dr. Leena Jain, Mumbai's leading plastic surgeon, explains the limb reconstruction procedure and its advantages.

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Dr. Leena Jain offers diabetic foot salvage treatment to treat complex diabetic foot ulcer cases.

Published on 26th May, 22

In this article, Dr. Leena Jain shares in detail upon the diabetic foot salvage treatment which focuses on saving the foot in the best possible manner.It is important to educate the diabetic patients on the complications of diabetic foot ulcers and their ensuing treatment and trauma.

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Mumbai's Dr. Leena Jain, has successfully treated a case of Extensive Degloving Injury of the Abdomen & Thigh

Published on 1st Feb, 22

Dr. Leena Jain, Plastic Surgeon in Mumbai states, 'Degloving injuries are very critical to treat while outcomes depend upon the extent of injury, but the recovery process is a lengthy one and involves a multidisciplinary approach towards for best recovery outcomes.

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Glad to share a recent story of a patient who approached Dr. Leena Jain for Breast Reconstruction.

Published on 27th Oct, 21

A 34-year-old female patient visited Dr Aditi Agarwal consultant Breast Oncosurgeon and Oncoplastic Surgeon at Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road for a change in colour of nipple-areola complex associated with itching and scaling. She was being treated by a Dermatologist for the same;

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Thane woman beats rare life-threatening bacterial infection

Published on 11th Aug, 21

A 49-year-old Thane resident was successfully treated for a rare life-threatening bacterial breast infection and returned home. We brought her sugar level under control, followed by a debridement surgery to remove all non-variable tissues.

Mumbai doctors reattach boy’s thumb in 6-hr surgery

Published on 16th Jul, 21

A 12-year-old boy has regained 50% of his thumb movement a month after it was severed and doctors at Mumbai’s Wockhardt Hospital performed a six-hour replantation surgery at midnight to reattach it. With the Covid-19 protocol in place, doctors in personal protective equipment (PPE) performed the delicate surgery, which involved connecting minuscule veins under a high-tech microscope.

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12-hour-surgery gives hope to 4-year-old after lift horror severs wrist

Published on 20th Jul, 19

On June 15, Naira Purswani, 4, was playing near her home in Ulhasnagar when a recorded voice from the elevator, asking for the door to be shut, caught her attention. As she tried to shut it, her right hand got stuck in the door and was ripped off at the wrist as the lift ascended, ending up on the fourth floor. But, a team of specialists at Lilavati hospital successfully reattached her hand in a 12-hour surgery in the middle of the night.

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