Lipoma is a fatty mass typically seen between the skin and muscle layer. It is a buildup of fat cells that develops  mostly in the soft tissues of your body. However, it can occur in muscles, in bone, in spinal canal and in the brain too!

Lipomas are the most common type of non-cancerous tumors. Lipomas are primarily innocuous and slow-growing. It is very rare for a lipoma to become cancerous less than 0.1%. 

Lipomas can occur in anyone and anywhere and unrelated to being overweight or obese. These tumors develop from increase in size of fat cells and once removed, they do not recur.

They can grow anywhere in the body as fat is the most abundant tissue in our bodies but most commonly occur in the nape of neck, arms, back, forearm,etc.

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Read on to know more about lipoma.

Symptoms of Lipoma

There are no specific symptoms of lipomas, but the presence of a lump in the affected area may indicate the diagnosis. 

The most common symptoms may include:

  • detection of a swelling or soft bump under your skin
  • the lump is, soft, or rubbery in consistency
  • Usually painless
  • it may be movable under the skin
  • it increases in size slowly
  • It may cause pressure symptoms when it grows large in size

Causes of Lipoma

It is not very clear what brings them on. They are more prevalent among middle-aged men and women. Moreover, they run in families.

Some conditions that may cause multiple lipomas include:

  • Dercum’s disease: A rare disorder causing multiple, painful lipomas all over the body.
  • Familial multiple lipomatosis: A rare hereditary disorder that causes numerous lipomas more populated in the trunk area.
  • Madelung’s disease: A rare condition causing accumulation of painless lipomas usually around the neck, shoulders, upper arms, trunk, hips, and thighs.

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How can you detect lipoma?


You should see your doctor if you notice a lump or bump on your skin. 

A simple visual examination is usually sufficient to make a diagnosis. The doctor will ask you about your medical history, as well as your family’s medical history.

They will also examine the lump to determine its size and consistency. A clinical examination is sufficient for most Lipomas.

Imaging diagnostic tests like ultrasound or MRIs is required if the lipoma is deep seated like inside or beneath muscles. 

Lipoma treatment


Any swelling in the body needs to be removed. Lipomas are obvious swellings known to keep growing in size, hence, need to be removed. 

Lipomas when painful or causing pressure symptoms should always be removed.

In patients with multiple Lipomas, those that are painful, excessively large or in the forearm interfering with wearing a wrist watch or bangle need to be removed. 

There are 2 types of surgeries for lipomas:


Liposuction is an effective surgery for large lipomas. Through a small cut, fat cells are removed surgically and large Lipomas become small. Then by increasing the cut a little more, the entire Lipoma can be removed . Advantage of liposuction is that large Lipomas can be removed through a very small cut thereby scar is minimal and aesthetically pleasing.

Concealed Scar excision Surgery

Excision Surgery is removal of the lipoma through a cut in a concealed location or a natural skin crease or wrinkle so it remains inconspicuous. The entire Lipoma is removed and sutures are used to close the wound. The scar will ultimately be very fine and in a concealed location or in the crease, hence, inapparent.

Lipoma Removal

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lipoma is a type of benign (non-cancerous) fat cell growth. Lipomas are sometimes called fatty, adipose, or soft tissue tumors. They are soft, freely movable lumps formed by the growth of fat cells in the fatty tissues just below the skin or deep in the muscle layer.

Lipomas are the most common type of fat tumor in adults and are also prevalent in children and adolescents. They are often found in various locations but commonly around nape of neck, arm, back.

Lipomas are not dangerous and are not associated with any malignancies (cancers), but because lipomas can grow large and may be painful, they need to be removed. 

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